Membership is restricted to well-behaved licensed Centricity™ users, Virence Health employees, and a few very polite consultants and vendors of products supporting the users. Spamming, flaming, and other impolite behaviors are not tolerated. This Centricity™ Healthcare User Group is not an official organization of Virence Health. Questions to Virence Health should be made to them directly.

Mission Statement

To promote the optimum use of Centricity EMR and Centricity PM by enhancing communication among users and quality interactions between Centricity users and the leadership of Virence Health IT.


From MUG to LUG to CHUG

Board of Directors

The Centricity™ Healthcare User Group volunteer Board of Directors provides structure and direction for the organization. The Board ensures that all activities support the organization’s mission and objectives, while upholding the interests of the organization’s members.

The Board conducts planning sessions throughout the year for various activities on behalf of the organization with consideration given to the group’s mission statement and the collective feedback provided by its members.

Board members are nominated and elected by the users.


All CHUG Committees are open to active Centricity™ users pending availability. If you are interested in joining a committee, or for more information please visit their individual pages.


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