Education Committee

The primary purpose of the Education Committee is to evaluate and develop educational content for the CHUG conferences.  The committee dedicates itself to enhance the CHUG experience by offering innovative educational and learning opportunities for members.  The committee, we will be responsible for presenting and recruiting new ideas that would enhance attendance at the CHUG conferences.

Committee Objectives:

  • Develop, monitor, and evaluate CHUG educational content
  • Recruit speakers and develop learning content to improve Virence Health’s EMR/EHR experience.
  • Offer learning tools that help end users improve their workflows and challenges
  • Develop an effective evaluation method to determine content effectiveness
  • Work with Virence, value-added resellers (VARs), and sponsors to offer new learning tools for future enhancements


  • The Committee shall not exceed ten members
  • All Committee members must be an active Centricity User.
  • New Committee members will be solicited from the membership and appointed by the chairperson.
  • 2-year term
  • Expected time comment: up to 4 hours per month