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November 19, 2022 — November 26, 2022

Attention all athenaPractice customers using Visualutions products.

To successfully upgrade your athenaPractice solution, please make certain to follow the steps in this Knowledge Article… More

Thank you CHUG Users!!

For taking time out of your busy schedule to attend our first CHUG Day after three long years. 

Since the pandemic, life continues to become more demanding and tiring, we know how valuable your time is and appreciate you sharing it with us. You have shown the true meaning of what CHUG is all about….

FOR Users BY Users!

Healthcare is at a pivotal transformation, huge changes coming in the near future that will require all of us to work even harder. Now, more than ever, it is vitally important that we continue as CHUG, the Independent User Group!

Your support has helped us continue our mission to provide the resources and education needed for all of CHUG users.

We hope to see you again at next year’s Thrive conference.

Take care, Tracie

President, CHUG Board of Directors

There are opportunities to create user generated Pop-up Alerts within athenaPractice. Check out this month’s newsletter to see the most commonly used.

Read the newsletter here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000KSUyN

Registration for Thrive, athenahealth’s annual summit, closes on October 11. Act now to reserve your spot!

register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000KSAff

Beginning June 1, 2023, we will no longer provide support for all athenaPractice v19.X, athenaFlow v19.X and related product versions. See the communication for full details here ->  https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000KRXZe

The full session catalog for Thrive, athenahealth’s annual summit, is now live! There’s so much to see and do at Thrive—jump into the session catalog now to see why this is the must-attend healthcare event of the year.

Check it out here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000JgSoP

Enrollment is now open for the Quality Submission Services (QSS) program for MIPS PY2022. The enrollment period runs until March 3, 2023.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Jg4eF

This edition of the athenaPractice and athenaFlow Dose includes information on Chug at Thrive, v22, Appropriate Use Criteria, Electronic Health Information for Information Blocking, new solution for document management, and athenaEDI Live at Thrive.

Read it here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Jfkfa

Bret Connor invites you to Thrive, athenahealth’s annual summit. See the communication for more details.

Read the invite here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000JfkfZ

Based on our review of upcoming Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances and Electronic Prescribing (EPCS and ERX) mandates, Ohio will require clinicians to use EPCS enrollment in order to prescribe Controlled Substances, specifically CII, effective September 23, 2022.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Jf532

We’re recruiting for Summative Usability Testing for compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act. This effort requires a third-party review of clinical users within athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™. Selected participants will be compensated for their time.

Learn more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000JeJ9E

Did you know a CHUG meet-up is happening on October 24? Come hear from your CHUG colleagues in Austin, TX and stay for the entire Thrive event.

Meetup details here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000JeJ7V

We proudly announce that athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™ version 22 is now Generally Available. See the communication for more details.

Read more -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Jetyl

This month’s rendition of the Revenue Cycle Management Newsletter offers best practices for Refunds, Conveyances and Payment Plans.

Read it here – > https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000JdbUb

This quarter’s athenaPractice and athenaFlow Customer Briefing takes place on August 18 at 2 p.m. ET.

Register/Watch here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Jd3TQ

This month’s Revenue Cycle Management newsletter offers best practices for using Appointment Sets and Chains.

Read the newsletter here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000HimwU

Thrive brings together the brightest minds of the healthcare industry — and we’re thrilled to welcome Jenn Lim and Dr. Eric Topol to the keynote stage at Thrive, athenahealth’s annual summit in 2022! Be sure to register before July 31 to get $200 off your registration!

Read more and get registered -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Himtm

athenahealth has identified an issue in which doses entered in the Dose field in Medication Management may not save as expected. Please see the communication for recommended steps.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/feed/0D56f00008PJNMtCAP

Registration is open for Thrive, athenahealth’s annual summit. Register now to save $200 on your registration fee.

This offer is only valid until July 31.

Register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000IpSzp

Mark your calendars for the upcoming athenaPractice and athenaFlow webinars! On July 6, we’ll host a webinar all about the v22 release. On July 13, we’ll host a webinar on the Appropriate Use Criteria.

Read more and register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000IpSzq

We share best practices for using Online Help in athenaPractice.

Read the RCM Newsletter here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Ip4jw

We’re evaluating MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs) along with their targeted specialty measures – and we need your feedback. See the communication for full details.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Ip4k6

athenahealth is investigating an issue where providers may not receive a drug-allergy alert when prescribing certain medications within Medication Management. See the communication for full details.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Ip1At

Join us for a webinar on June 30 at 2 p.m. ET in which we’ll discuss our plans to support 21st Century Cures adherence in v22 and beyond.

Register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000IooOr

This quarter’s athenaPractice and athenaFlow Dose includes the latest product and company updates.

Read it here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000I8Ohm

Save the date for Thrive, athenahealth’s annual summit. Thrive Summit takes places in Austin, TX on October 24-26.

Read full announcement here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000I4voj.

In this month’s RCM newsletter, we share best practices for using the Collection Bad Debt Write-off Active Report.

Read more -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000GAnSM

This quarter’s athenaPractice and athenaFlow Customer Briefing takes place on May 19 at 2 p.m. ET. See the communication for more details. -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000GAcYp

Are you collecting every dollar owed to you? Read on to learn how utilizing the athenaPractice Collections module helps you collect monies due.

Read more -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000GAF6F

Join us on April 21 at 2 p.m. ET in a Customer Briefing where we’ll discuss plans for replacing Surescripts SES products and answer your questions.

Read more and register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G9jtl

Effective December 31, 2023, Surescripts will no longer support the Surescripts Enterprise Services (SES) product suite. See the communication for more details.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G9Wxe

Check out the latest product and company updates in this quarter’s athenaPractice and athenaFlow Dose.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G8f4R

This month’s edition for the Revenue Cycle Management newsletter offers best practices for Case Management.

Read the newsletter here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G8f4t

Starting March 10, you’ll be prompted to review and agree to the Community Terms of Use upon logging in to the Success Community. This is a one-time prompt that will only appear the first time you login on or after March 10.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G8HrT.

We updated the athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™ Medication Management module on March 1 and, as part of the update, dose check alerts now appear when needed and as expected.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G8Hpr

CVS Pharmacy has shortened the rejection period for electronic prescription responses from 14 to 10 calendar days; prescription responses include Renewal and Change Requests. See communication for more details.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G83vc

Administrative maintenance is often overlooked. When was the last time you reviewed yours? In this communication, you’ll find tips and tricks for reviewing Admin tables, updating Visit Owners, creating Allocation Sets, reviewing Appointment Types, and using the Quick View.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G7RH9

We are pleased to announce that athenahealth has been successfully acquired by affiliates of Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman for $17 billion. See the communication for more details.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G7QZj

This quarter’s athenaPractice and athenaFlow Customer Briefing takes place on February 17 at 2 p.m. ET.  Join us as we share important product and company updates and answer any questions you may have.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000G7JUm

CMS recently announced the suppression and truncation of two measures: Pneumococcal Vaccination Status for Older Adults (CMS127) and Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening and Follow-up (CMS69). See the communication for more details.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000EyzuS

athenahealth is investigating an issue where providers may not receive an alert when prescribing Augmentin-ES or its generic versions with a dose outside the recommended range for patients 3 months (90 days) to 3 years of age. See communication for more details.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000EyzuS

VVC Holding Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of athenahealth, Inc., has changed its name to VVC Holding LLC and is operating under the new name as of January 1, 2022. See the communication for more details.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Eyo6e

You’re invited to the Patient Landing Page webinar taking place on February 2 at 2 p.m. ET.

Read more and register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Eyddj.

Are you unleashing your reporting power using Microsoft (MS) Excel? Exporting athenaPractice reports to Excel allows you to create informative, spreadsheet-style reports.

Learn more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000FKQGD

On November 19, 2021, all Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies across the US implemented an update that will reject any order for Promethazine/Codeine and have asked that providers instead call the pharmacy to discuss alternatives. To that end, Walmart and Sam’s Club stores will no longer dispense or stock these medications moving forward.

Read more -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000FK7hV

athenaPractice and athenaFlow v20.2 Service Layer Hotfix 1 resolves an issue where prescriptions signed in a previous document are showing in subsequent documents for that patient.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000FJwgI

To support our goal of delivering measure accuracy, we released athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™ updates to address findings for three measures that may influence your 2021 performance year results.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000FJwix


We know there’s a lot to consider when closing out 2021 and entering 2022. That’s why we created a checklist of all the tasks you should consider as you prepare for the upcoming year. We hope you find it helpful!

Read it here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000FJ15n

With athenaPractice and athenaFlow v20.2, you’ll experience improved performance in Medication Management, including the ability to minimize the Medication Management window while documenting or navigating to the patient chart. See the communication to learn more.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000FIeHC

The Apache Software Foundation has released an emergency security advisory to address a remote code execution vulnerability potentially affecting Log4j versions 2.0-beta9 to 2.14.1. The Log4j is a widely used logging library and is used in v12.3.1 and higher and athenaFlow customers live on v9.12.1 and higher. See communication for more details.

Read more here -> https://www.centricityusers.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/action-required-to-mitigate-critical-vulnerability.pdf

athenahealth enters into a definitive agreement to be acquired by affiliates of Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman

Read more here -> https://www.centricityusers.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/athenahealth-update-11-22-2021.pdf

Hear from Bret Connor and team on unlocking more value in partnership with athenahealth. On Tuesday, November 30 at 1 p.m. ET, athenahealth’s Chief Customer Officer Bret Connor and his team share their vision for providing excellent customer service, then walk through the ways we can help you thrive.

Read more & register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000E7rm7

On October 11, 2021, Surescripts determined that some Medication History response messages sent from three pharmacy software vendors may have contained inaccurate Medication History instructions because of a missing slash or dash character (/ or -), resulting in the incorrect display of the data.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000E6TVI

The Customer Briefing takes place on November 18 at 2 p.m. ET. Join us as we share important product and company updates and answer any questions you may have. We hope that you’ll join us!

Read more & register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000E6TcT

Beginning August 1, 2022, we will no longer support athenaPractice 12.3.X, athenaFlow 9.12.X and related product versions.

Read more here -> Announcement Link

This edition of the RCM Newsletter highlights the upcoming No Surprise Billing regulation.

Read the newsletter here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000E579H

This edition of the athenaPractice and athenaFlow Dose newsletter includes content relating to the following topics: Medication Management updates, Success Community ideas, Success Community groups, Connections by athenahealth, No Surprises Act and more.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000E579I

The new Ideas space on the Success Community allows you to share your feedback about our products and how they can be improved. We use the ideas, votes, and comments you post to help inform our planning process for future releases. Posting an idea is the first step toward getting the conversation started.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000E4rGq

We recently discovered an issue in athenaPractice™ v20.1 Service Layer Hotfix 4 where duplicate medications are being created in the Patient Chart. This occurs when synchronizing medications after closing the Med Portal window with pending prescriptions. We’ve resolved the issue as part of v20.1 Service Layer Hotfix 5, which is now available.

Read more here -> https://www.centricityusers.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/SL-hotfix-5-.pdf

In some cases, it is possible that SmartSig prescription translations may not match original prescription sigs as expected when using the SmartSig prescription translation tool.

Read more here-> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000D2msU

In this newsletter, we gather the top 10 most common workflow gaps and provide best practices for how to close them.

Read the newsletter here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000D2Ki2

Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases and the growing concerns regarding the Delta variant, we have decided to cancel Thrive Summit, originally planned for October 25-27 in Austin, TX.

Read more -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0696f00000CDuzBAAT

The Q3 Quality webinar, Monitoring Performance in CQR, is on September 9 at 2 p.m. ET. This webinar will provide helpful information for understanding your MIPS performance, factors that influence it, and how CQR can help you monitor it.

Read more & register -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0696f00000CDje2AAD.

As of August 17, the retired units are no longer available when adding or editing a new prescription for a selected list of medications. Guidance to select from available packages when editing prescriptions was not deployed. On August 24 at 10 p.m. ET, we’ll deploy an update for Medication Management to improve the user experience when selecting available package sizes.

View this document for more information -> Quantity Units Retire Early

We invite customers to the “Be ahead of the curve: Provide a patient-centered intake experience” webinar taking place on August 26 at 2 p.m. ET.

Register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0696f00000CCqEdAAL

We invite athenaPractice and athenaFlow customers to the Customer Briefing webinar taking place on August 31 at 1pm.

Register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0696f00000CClUOAA1

Announcing Jenn Lim from Delivering Happiness as our Thrive Summit 2021 Opening Day Keynote.

Learn more about the speaker here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Cknr0

We’re inviting customers to join a webinar with the athenahealth Government Affairs team and special guest Nancy Macan McNally, Director of Government Relations at Van Ness Feldman, for a midyear check-up on August 5 at 2 p.m. ET. We will look back at healthcare policy over the last six months, and discuss what we expect to see as we head into the backstretch of the congressional calendar.

Read more & register -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0696f00000COgQnAAL

Did you know a CHUG meet-up is happening during Thrive Summit 2021 on October 25? Come hear from your CHUG colleagues in Austin, TX and stay for the entire Thrive Summit.

Check it out -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Cjyx6

In this rendition of the Revenue Cycle Management Newsletter we cover Tips and Tricks for Closing.

Read more -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Cjyxg

Announcing the 2021 summer webinar series schedule for athenaPractice and athenaFlow.

Read more and register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000Ciq5c.

We’re inviting customers to join us on May 24 at 2 p.m. ET for our second installment of our v22 Practice Management webinar series.

Read more & register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000BzSTT

The May athenaPractice newsletter covers best practices for reporting within athenaPractice!

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000BzHEp

We’re inviting customers to join us on May 7 at 11 a.m. ET for our Q2 Quality webinar covering the changes in CQR to help track MIPS performance.

Read more and register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009rwb1

We’re happy to announce that v20.1 is now generally available and includes enhancements and fixes to improve the usability and performance of features we previously introduced in v20.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009sZKO

We’re hosting a webinar on April 28 covering the billing module enhancements coming in v22 of Practice Management.

Read more and register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009rRDP

The April edition of the revenue cycle management newsletter features tips and tricks for A/R follow-up.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009rLrk

We’ve updated the dates and times of some of our 2021 Spring webinars to accommodate customers wanting to join all of our webinars.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009qZOd

We’re announcing our 2021 Spring Webinar series and inviting customers to join us this Spring to learn something new.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009qMb3

This new COVID-19 Vaccine Guide provides customers with information and best practices.

Read more here ->https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009qFvw

This new COVID-19 Vaccine Guide provides customers with information and best practices.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009qFpP

Join our Government Affairs team for an update from Capitol Hill on Tuesday, March 30 at 2 p.m. ET. In this second installment of our Policy Ambassador webinar series, we’ll speak with the American Telehealth Association to discuss the impact of COVID related easements on telehealth policy, and how those changes can become permanent fixtures in a true 21st century healthcare system.

Read more & register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f000009pYKF

This month’s tips and tricks newsletter focuses on the individual end user’s experience and their ability to adjust and organize their work within athenaPractice.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000B5ABI

In this communication we’re giving customers a glimpse into v22 while reminding them of the valuable resources they have for upgrading to v20 and some important deadlines they should be aware of for e-prescribing.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000B3wkV

We’re reaching out to our customers in Texas to let them know to reach out if they’re in crisis.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000B3Ik7

We’re hosting a webinar in March 3 at 2 p.m. ET for customers interested in learning about upcoming releases and new features for Practice Management.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000B3BFh

athenaFlow v20 brings many new features, clinical content, and enhancements! Most notably v20 provides customers with a fully integrated, cloud-based Medication Management module.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000B2YUH

In the February  2021 edition of the newsletter we cover basic tips and tricks for practice management.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000AXPPI

We’re inviting customers to the quarterly Customer Briefing webinar on February 18 at 2 p.m. ET.

Read more and register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000AXAvz

We’re inviting customers to join us for a webinar focused on the healthcare priorities of the 117th Congress and the Biden Administration.

Learn more and register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000AWqna

This webinar encourages customers to ask us any questions they may have regarding the 21st Century Cures Act. Customers can ask their questions live during the webinar or submit them upon registration by entering them into the “Ask a Question” field. Customers should register here.

We’re hosting an hour long Quality Reporting Office Hours webinar on February 9 at 2 p.m. ET. Customers should register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000AWgkb

We’re hosting a webinar on February 3 at 2:00 p.m. ET which will cover key changes for Quality Programs, including MIPS, CPC+, and Medicaid PI. We’ll also cover our planned quality support for the 2021 performance year. Customers should register here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000AW9XB

In the January 2021 edition of the newsletter we cover scheduling features that may be of use to our customers.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000AV6X2

We are happy to announce the availability of Clinical Content Specialties version 20! In this release, we improve forms to accommodate our new Medication Management solution and we resolve issues related to the Renal Evaluation-CCC form.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000AUtaC

athenaPractice v20 is an exciting release which brings many new features, clinical content, and enhancements – most notably a fully integrated, cloud-based Medication Management module. This integration not only aligns with required transmission standards but also brings you simplified, modern features, allowing you to more safely transmit prescriptions. In addition, you are now able to engage with your patients in new ways such as automated text messaging with discounts, education, and pharmacy information.

Read more here -> https://athenaflex.athenahealth.com/s/hcd-librarypage?Id=0686f00000AUjg3