Centricity EMR evolved from MedicaLogic founded by Dr. Mark Leavitt in 1985. The original version of the MedicaLogic EMR was named ClinicalLogic and was a character based product. The User group was not referred to by the product name, but by the company name, MedicaLogic User Group (MUG) and had their first conference in 1994.

In 1995, MedicaLogic released the first Windows version of the product and rebranded it as Logician. Following that rebranding the User Group renamed itself to Logician User Group (LUG)

In 2002, GE Healthcare purchased MedicaLogic’s electronic medical record system and in 2003 acquired Millbrook’s practice management system.

These products were rebranded to join GE’s other healthcare products into the Centricity line of products.

Following the GE purchase and rebranding to the Centricity name, the User Group was renamed to the Centricity Healthcare User Group (CHUG). Initially, CHUG only included Centricity electronic medical record users. GE expanded the practice management system purchased from Millbrook to include both the practice management product and also a compatible electronic medical record that mirrored the existing Centricity electronic medical record. Following that, CHUG began to include users of the GE Centricity Practice Solutions product line.

In 2014, the Centricity Technical Conference (CTC) attendees joined with CHUG to further increase the user group reach.

Veritas Capital acquired Centricity Value Based Care Solutions in 2017 and created Virence Health.

Centricity Healthcare User Group