Marketing Committee

Purpose and General Responsibilities

The primary purpose of the Marketing Committee is to oversee and actively promote the recruitment of new members while engaging existing Centricity Healthcare User Group members. To develop promotional materials and review strategies for enhancing membership through retention and engagement practices. Identify potential new sources for membership; utilizing social media in new and innovative ways to enhance the overall benefits of membership and drive traffic to the Centricity Healthcare User Group website.

Specific objectives of the Committee include but are not limited to:

  • Actively promote the recruitment of new members and retention of the existing membership.
  • Develop new membership promotional/welcome materials.
  • Through Social Media, raise Centricity Healthcare User Groups branding with a focus on awareness, relevance, and customization.
  • Steer membership traffic to Centricity Healthcare User Group website.
  • Review membership statistics and trends.
  • Coordinate with other committees, VAR’s, Virence Health, and, members in posting relevant information on social sites.
  • Special projects as identified by the Board of Directors.


  • The Committee shall not exceed nine (9) members.
  • All committee members must be an active Centricity User.
  • New committee members will be solicited from the membership and appointed by the Chairperson.
  • 2-year term.
  • Expected time comment: up to 12 hours per month


Stacy Allard CHUG Marketing Committee

David Swartout CHUG Marketing Committee